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Our approach:

“THINK” was the famous slogan of IBM in the 80’s;

Today the tendency is to “just do it” and "hopefully" the outcome will deliver. . . something, some time, or... go for the other extreme of CMMI lvl5 and/or ITILv3 and then find yourself completely stuck in procedures and bureaucracy.

Agile/Scrum seemed promising, however equally here the statistics show that it does not improve delivery either; without guided disciplines nothing truly changes the delivery success rate.

Many readers have at this point left us, which is fine, we are here to serve the "aware".
For those still reading, we are keen to establish a working relationship with you.

We are passionate about delivery through proven principles and extracted methodologies to assure proper identification of goals and outcomes (deliverables); we do not apply methodologies just for the sake of applying a methodology. We are indifferent about either Waterfall or Agile, for us: your environment determines what is successful for your business!

Take a good look at any of the major advisory firms, being it Gartner, Forrester or the Standish Group, without exception they recognise that it is not the methodology but the capability (soft skills) of those involved what determines success!

Success lies with involved Key Stakeholders:
- The Executive (eg: Sponsor) to clearly state direction;
- The Users to define expectation and trough involvement accept delivery;
- The Project Manager / Product Owner to communicate, negotiate, direct and deliver.

The common mistake today is to (impose lean and) seek guidance from a "specialist" instead of a "generalist", eg: the Project Manager or Product Owner, presuming that only a Scrum Master is sufficient or not even including the latter.

We have however also witnessed many “paper oriented” PM’s or PO’s, loving their certificate on their desk, great at explaining the methodologies, but in practice lacking the business acumen and realistic approach to deliver.

Statistics (ref: DSDM and Standish Chaos) deriving from the mid 80’s up to today are un-changed, a steady failure rate of about 75% for projects; anything that does not fit within 20% of margin for either budget, time or deliverables cannot be identified as success, this contrary to many wishful thinkers out in the marketplace.
Development of functions through an approach without a planned outcome can never be defined as successfull, at best these (sometimes extremely interesting) pilots/trials can lead to subsequent constructive initiatives.

There is a serious difference between knowledge and capability, something rarely acknowledged by today’s business managers and even more rarely found in a single Project Manager or Product Owner.

We always enjoy reading success stories about products, tools or methods; mostly amazing and surely amusing to read and always taken completely out of context... "Marketing" in optima forma.
Nothing can compensate for the required set of “soft skills” by the PM/PO responsible to deliver.

A final misperception is stating that a PM/PO “must sell”; Selling is commonly one off and short term minded;
selling does not focus on relationship management and definitely not on identification of capabilities to deliver;
in fact: those who “sell” commonly tend to run away fast directly after their “sell” !

We do not “sell”, we “deliver” !

Resource M&C. . . still. . . THINKs !