Resource M&C: (ICT) Management and Consulting

Providing a down-to-earth, no-nonsense, practical and sustainable approach to ICT.


Ongoing yearly statistics performed by DSDM and the Standish Group shows that 75% of all projects fail to deliver;
This means that the majority of all projects does not deliver on time, within budget or to specifications; Any project that exceeds 20% deviation (either over or under) is improperly planned and shows lack of professionalism.

Resource M&C prides itself that over 95% of our projects did not fall into the above (failing) category;
Despite not being perfect (nobody is ;-) we definitely stand out from the crowd!

Methodologies form the base of our success; since the very beginning of PMI, these principles have been applied, though not exclusively nor rigorously, instead we apply them situational!

Experience shows that a methodology only works if the environment in which it is applied has matured to the stage where it in fact can deal with a structural approach to deliver into the business.
Throughout our track record we have worked with a variety of available methodologies, including:
PMI (PMBOK), PM2, PrinceII, SPM, PMM & WSDDM, etc. all pending the organisation and circumstances.

Equally important after (and as part of) a Project is assuring ongoing capabilities through proper Service Management.
In the early days of ITIL (early 90's) we already collaborated with industry leaders (like Pink Elephant) to assure processes and procedures are embedded with deliveries to support (ITSM) the ongoing business.

We firmly believe that our success lies with our unique ability to look at ICT as a whole:
all aspects of Organisation, Technical and Functional are taken into account to deliver success.

Where lies our difference?
We refuse to simply apply a methodology, this catastrophic approach has failed many;
we adapt our working principles to the organisation, collaborating, assuring optimum results.
We put methodologies in context to company cultures and the various maturity stages.
We guide organisations through transition and optimise business processes by selectively applying deliverables.

The Resource M&C approach:
1st: People Management,
2nd: Adaptive Management,
3rd: Situational Management,

through: Relationship Management,
and . . . founded with solid core ICT know-how.